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Pietrablu Resort & SPA offers wonderful tours, discovering the jewels of Apulia! (Service provided by third parties)

  • Polignano a Mare

    Polignano a Mare

    A pleasant walk through this town which lies south of the regional capital of Bari. Polignano a Mare overlooks the crystal clear sea that is home to some fascinating caves. Passing under the archway of the old gate of the city you will find yourself in the charming old historic centre, from there on it will be a succession of dark alleys, little white houses with balconies adorned with colorful flowers and terraces that offer magnificent views over the sea.
  • Monopoli


    With its history that is lost in the mists of time, stroll along the harbour and through the narrow streets of the old medieval centre, which was built on the remains of a fortified messapic village dating from the fifth century BC. Be captivated by this town which overlooking the sea has breathtaking scenery!
  • Bari


    The visit to Bari takes you from the harbour to the picturesque waterfront. You then follow the promenade as it winds along to the gate and ends up at the Basilica of St. Nicholas, where the relics of the saint are to be found. From then on to the famous Norman-Swabian castle, the ancient fortress of the historic centre. A taste of the past plus a view of modern Bari.
  • Castel del Monte

    Castel del Monte

    You cannot miss a visit to the castle commissioned by Emperor Frederick II unique in its majesty and grandeur, since 1996 it is a UNESCO World Heritage Monument. After visiting the Castle an interesting visit of the old town of Trani, the city is famous for its artistic and architectural treasures which recall a glorious past.
  • Ostuni, Cisternino

    Ostuni, Cisternino

    Wander through the narrow streets of the historic ‘White City’, a mixture of alleys, balconies and flowers which winding around the cathedral create a magical light. Local craftsmen, stories and new fragrances await you. A tour through Cisternino with its historic buildings will finish the tour.
  • Grotte di Castellana

    Grotte di Castellana

    A pleasant afternoon visiting the natural caves that make up the largest karst cave system in Italy. The tour takes you along a 3 km walk at a depth of about 70 m. Stalactites and stalagmites offer a unique panorama of shapes and colours; visit the White Cave, the Cave of the Altar, the Cave of the Dome and the Passage of the Nativity.
  • Lecce


    An entire Wednesday afternoon to explore the beautiful city of Lecce with its historical centre full of culture, history and crafts. From Piazza Duomo to the Basilica of Santa Croce, Palazzo dei Celestini continuing towards the Roman Amphitheatre, Porta Napoli and the Obelisk. Its narrow streets with the most famous papier-mâché shops in Italy and its Baroque architecture will enchant you! Lecce: the must see of your stay in Puglia.
  • Matera


    A few hours discovering the Sassi of Matera, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site; a breathtaking landscape of one of the oldest inhabited places in the world. Walking through the many lanes one cannot help but to stop and admire the incredible union of architecture and rocks and be awe-struck by its beauty.
  • Alberobello


    A pleasant outing to the monumental area of Alberobello in the Monti and Aia Piccola districts, made up entirely of rows of trulli lining the steep narrow winding streets. The visit then takes you to the Lodge of Pilate, located 380 m from the sea level on the eastern Murgia, from where you can enjoy a unique landscape of 40 km of coastline and ancient olive trees.